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I have recently switched from a little British system (Croft/Harbeth) to Van Alstine separates for amplification. The upgrade in clarity and power (300wpc) is significant, and my little Harbeth P3esrs are not quite enough to fill my living room (about 12x16 feet with an open end). I was sitting much closer to the speakers, but now I’m back about 8.5 feet. I’d like some additional bass weight and a larger sound.  I have had bad luck with rear-ported speakers becoming boomy as the wall behind the speakers is fairly flimsy apartment construction and resonates even with acoustic panels. So, ideally I’d like a front-ported (or sealed) stand mount speaker that goes down to 50-45hz. If it goes much below that it can overwhelm the room. I am very sensitive to etched treble, extreme detail, sibilance, etc. (hence my choice of the P3s.). Budget is $2500 but could stretch a little if needed.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!




Since you like the Harbeth sound, perhaps a used larger Harbeth model (there's an M30 Anniversary Edition for sale now near your price range) or a Spendor speaker?.
Scott, based on your budget and requirements, i'd check out the Proac Response D2 which is a lovely speaker...a bit bigger than the Reference 3a MM De Capo BE monitors & they dig deeper in the bass. This pair is up FS for $1950.
If place is available, I'd keep current speakers and add subwoofer, otherwise I'd choose Totem Mani 2. There is a pair for sale with negotiable price so you can work with seller. These speakers fill up large rooms.
great advice above i love Acoustic Zen Adagio jrs personally $2500 retail ..stands up to you .Alway loved proacs i had 1s and 2s yrs back very efficient..

Op a pair of bw 805 diamonds just came up if you like bw sound there way nice .. 
Dynaudio Contour monitors and perhaps Vienna could also be an option.
I know you want to avoid a rear ported monitor but take a look at the Clearwave Duet 6 monitors. Think Marten Duke2 at 1/3 the cost.

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The Reference 3A is a great little monitor. Will fill the room and go loud, no crossover so your amp will be wired directly to the woofer/mid.
Thanks for all the recommendations.  

Nonoise - I am really interested in the Duet 6 after reading your review.  Your listening room and set up is very similar to mine.  I'm still afraid that they might have too much bass.  I've exchanged a few emails with Jed, and I may give them an auditions since there's a trial period.  Will keep y'all posted.

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You might try to audition some Epos Elan 15s or Epic 2s. They can produce deeper bass than my MA Silver 8 floor standers despite being stand mount. They do have rear ports but I used to have Epic 2s within about 12 inches from a rear wall in my old townhouse, (similar sized room to yours) and didn't notice any bass boom or resonance from the ports. I didn't even have damping panels behind them. They have the best sounding treble of any soft dome tweeter I've heard, probably the most neutral and balanced speaker I've ever heard. I will never get rid of my Epic 2s because they're so dam musical. They can't produce the detail of Monitor Audio silvers, but the bass they produce for a stand mounter is astounding. The Elan 15 is a slightly upgraded Epic 2. You might also try Monitor Audio Silver stand mounters, one of the very few metal dome tweeters that doesn't sound etched to my ears, they also have front ports.