Stand Height for B&W 801 S2?

As I wait for a pair of Sound Anchors to hit the used market, I'm think about building a pair of decent stands. I got a very good deal on a pair of of 801 S2 and don't feel like spending half of their cost for brand new stands.  Does anyone know the height of the Sound Anchors for these speakers?  Since these are so popular with all the 801's I thought their height would be the way to go.  I listen from a couch, which is typical couch height.  I'm reading that getting them off the floor can do wonders.  Also, I will be coupling them more which should also help.

about 8 inches, plus the variable spike height. If interested, see pic 26 on my virtual system for how I had them set up. Unfortunately we can’t link to virtual system pics on the forums.
Good Luck with them.