Stand for turntable......

I hear a lot written about the stand for the turntable having a "significant" effect on the sound. How is this possible? I can accept that interconnects and cables may have a minor effect. But I cant accept that what the table is sitting on has an effect. Someone explain this.
Your cars suspension has a rigid surface that it rides on and the cars suspension controls the irregularities in the road surface. If the road was not rigid but was continually flexing, would your cars suspension work as well?

For suspension turntables, you need a light weight, rigid stand coupled to the floor by spikes. The turntables suspension is tuned to a very low resonant frequency. Set up in this fashion they are subject to footfalls but not audio frequencies. I can't address the needs of a suspensionless table.
Believe me....I had a stand and base made for my Aries table (custom) and there was a marked improvement! The designer eliminated all the spikes and replaced them with soft absorbing "balls" and air-tubes between the bases. I am trying to get the head of VPI to take a look at this to see if he might be interested in producing this for the public.

I have no connection to the designer or to an audio store. Just one of the 'goners!
a high mass platform/stand for any tt for isolation from the environment and the table is better able to retrieve more infomation from the groove.

there is a reason $99 buys stanped plastic and a bizillion buys a chisled from granite tt.

any tt must be isolated from the environment, the more the better, the best cartridge, arm, cable cannot help if the table is live.