Stand Deliver

I am frankly surprised and disappointed in the direction Morrison and Clapton has taken with this. 
It's Stand and Deliver.
I think it's pretty tired sounding, typical for Clapton these days. I don't really understand the point of the song; is he frustrated because he can't tour? I mean, I'm not one of the covid panic types, but it is real, and we now have a vaccine, which him and Van are old enough to get, so what are they bitching about? 
I think it's a silly throwaway.   
Eric wear's a new Rolex steel Daytona. Many are complaining because they can't find one (at msrp). We can all find something to gripe about if we try hard:)
They are speaking out on some important social and political issues - just like they always have. Music has always been used to carry protest and I’m glad our most experienced generation of musicians is reminding us all it still can.