Stand-by on Mark Levinson products

My system: ML 331 power amp, ML 32 preamp, ML 31.5
CD transport, ML 36S D/A converter. I can only listen to
music during week-ends and I was wondering if it's better
to leave the system in stand-by all the time. Only the 36S
hasn't a main switch and when connected to the electric outlet it
can only be in two modes: "on" or "stand-by" (blinking led).
31.5, 32 and 331 (in the european version) have a main switch
so they can be switched off even if they are plugged to the
electric outlets. Is it true that take off the power
completely when the system is not in use shortens the life
of the components? I know that the system performs better
when is warm and I put it in stand-by mode few hours
before the listening session. I think that leave the system
in stand-by for 4/5 days (being sure that I won't listen
to it) can wear off my components more than put them in
stand-by few hours before the use.
Am I wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance.
From an engineering standpoint, I would turn the system off during the week. This will be a good tradeoff between thermal cycling and thermal fatigue, thereby maximizing the life expectancy of your gear. Arthur
I have an all-Levinson + Wadia system. I leave all the front-end stuff on 24/7 (except for thunderstorm season) and turn the amp off every night. Never any problems. But if you really don't use it 5 out of 7 days, I kind of agree w/ Aball. Just shut it down.
I have all levinson 433 432 326 390 and others and leave everything in "standby" mode 24/7 too :)
Doggy, if your components have the "standby" mode, you can leave it on all the time (except during thunderstorms). Even my Levinson stuff (which doesn't have standby mode) is meant to be on all the time because they don't have power switches -- except for the amp, which as I said , i turn off at night. But if your amp has a standby mode, I'd leave it on.
I own an all Levinson system, I know from experience you will want to leave your stuff plugged in, it will not reach its full potential otherwise. There is even a big difference between standby and the components warmed up after a couple of hours especially the amps. The 436s really don't come into their own until they've been cooking for a while.
However if you don't care about getting the best from your system it will still sound good turning everything off.

You might want to check out my system for other hints.
I also leave my 432 in standby.
I leave my 335 on standby. The I believe the manual for the amp explains all of that? You don't have the manual right? If you don't feel comfortable with leaving it in standby just press and hold the the switch on the amp while it's in standby, you'll hear the relay click inside the amp.By doing that the amp will still have power to it's circuits but will not charge the capacitors which takes some time to charge up. Some of the 33 series had bad capacitors shipped out due to a bad supply of them. Harman covered the cost of replacement of them. I had mine changed. I'm pretty sure most Levinson equipment owners leave it in standby.
I have my 33H's and 32 in stand-by mode permanently. This way they stay warm and deliver an immediate excellent level of performance. My dealer also adviced me that they were designed to be kept in standby mode. Not sure whether they have build in surge protection, so you may want to consider something there for those stormy times. Keeping them plugged in does carry a little higher electricity bill though, at least for the 33H's. If you only listen on weekends I suggest you start them up on Friday evening so they're warm when you start listening, putting them in stand-by does not really warm them up. I agree with sgr, it takes a couple of hours for the MLs to really deliver its full sonic capability. Hope that helps.
I've had Levinson gear for years (15 or more ).It's
on 24/7 except for vacation & storms.
Never had a single problem, Levinson is some of the
best built & sounding gear out there.