Stand alone tweeter?

Dear all,
I think my speaker’s HF sounds too harsh, I have tried all possible acoustics treatment that I can afford and repositioning it, however it still sounds harsh.

I am not good in DIYing, and the dealer said that the tweeter is ok, and for now my budget doesn’t allow me to buy new speakers.

I understand that there are stand alone super tweeter, but is there any stand alone tweeter?

What is considered best to produce smooth HF?

Thanks alot in advance for any advice
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Metal dome tweeters are excessively "bright" sounding! Replace yours with a pair of SEAS silk-dome tweeters. These are used in my Snell A's, E's and J's - with excellent results!
Wow, so many “tricks” that I was not aware of :)
Except cartridges, tone arm, and music server, all were bought as second hand (half of it is demo unit from stores whose owner I know in person).

Maybe it’s time to get new speakers, but buying speakers is a bit scary, because if I find it’s not what I expect, it’s difficult to sell.

thanks again for all advices
Gondo experiment with onother pair of speakers, It could be your systems or one of your gears or tweaks can fix that .identify the problem first...
Understood.  Your suggestion reminded me of a post here from several years ago.  I think it was Tvad who mentioned the studio tweak of hanging a sheet of TP in front of the tweeter.  

It did take a LOT of time and experimentation - several years -  to tame the Forest's highs but it has been accomplished and I'm not suffering ear bleed listening to older CDs from the early days of "perfect sound forever".  So it is possible to overcome this shortcoming with the right combination of wire and gear.  On the other hand, much as I love my Forests and plan on keeping them, I do tend to agree with @jond and wonder if they are not a bit "declasse" compared to the rest of your system.  If simple "non-destructive" tweaks don't work, it would seem silly to recommend changing out any of your electronics to "force fit the Forests".  The better solution, as others have mentioned, might well be to start auditioning speakers to find some that are a better match for your intimidating as that prospect might be.  Maybe something from the Sonus Faber line would work.  Years ago, I heard a system with SF's Guarneri Homage speakers driven by ARC tube separates.  It made a lasting and very positive impression.  Not sure what the current version of these speakers would be.  Good luck finding a solution that works for you.