Stand alone tweeter?

Dear all,
I think my speaker’s HF sounds too harsh, I have tried all possible acoustics treatment that I can afford and repositioning it, however it still sounds harsh.

I am not good in DIYing, and the dealer said that the tweeter is ok, and for now my budget doesn’t allow me to buy new speakers.

I understand that there are stand alone super tweeter, but is there any stand alone tweeter?

What is considered best to produce smooth HF?

Thanks alot in advance for any advice
Unfortunately adding a super tweeter will not smooth out the tweeter that you currently have, it will only extend the top end and could actually add to the frequencies that bother you... 
I'm sorry if you said, but I didn't see it.  What speakers are you using?  Are they as ghosthouse posted indeed Totem Forest?  I

I'll take a look and see if I can offer some practical advise,
Your Tron stages have a relaxed sound, and I would imagine so do your Totems. If the Trons are new they do take time to settle down. Otherwise, you can try plugging your power amp directly into the wall if you currently have them plugged into your conditioner. Did something change, so your tweeter started sounding harsh, or have you been working on your system over time to resolve the harshness?
Many thanks all for all the advices.

i will try to see if power conditioner can help.
I have tried all the possible positioning, for the treatment i have tried to position rugs and even borrow some panel treatment.

or maybe my speaker is just simply aging.
It maybe true that the harsh sound are ly happened when I play modern pop but sounds good when playing trio acoustic jazz combo.

@timlub, actually I am looking for stand alone tweeter notbsuper tweeter, so that I can just connect the jumper wire to this tweeter so by passing the speakers’ tweters itself.

I have looked at the Forest in the Past.  I like the drivers that they have chosen and actually use the midbass myself in a few speakers.  
1 easy change to the crossover is to replace the tweeter cap.  The Forest are well thought out, but I'm sure that cost was kept inline.  
So, replace the single series tweeter cap with a cap that leans dark or rich harmonics that is still very detailed.... The Jupiter Condenser Beeswax  comes to mind... I'm sure that there are others, but this would be audible.... 


What speaker do you have? Also, here's some free, or nearly free ideas. First, throw some blankets/pillows around on the floor between the speakers and even behind them. See if any of that helps.

If your tweeter is mounted on a panel, PSA backed felt around it may help.

Depending on what your speakers are, a tweeter cap upgrade may also help, or perhaps you need to lower the tweeter level via an added resistor, but that's best left for the DIY forum here: