Stand alone tweeter?

Dear all,
I think my speaker’s HF sounds too harsh, I have tried all possible acoustics treatment that I can afford and repositioning it, however it still sounds harsh.

I am not good in DIYing, and the dealer said that the tweeter is ok, and for now my budget doesn’t allow me to buy new speakers.

I understand that there are stand alone super tweeter, but is there any stand alone tweeter?

What is considered best to produce smooth HF?

Thanks alot in advance for any advice
I just got done evaluating 3 PS Audio Noise Harvesters in my system.  They are very good at smoothing HF in my system before I got an isolation transformer.  Now that I have an isolation transformer in my system, all my noise from my power is clean.

You have a great system.  You may want to try the PS Audio Noise Harvester, the more you use, the greater affect they have.  I hear 5 is the magic number, I only tried 3.
Thanks forvthe advice.
But to me, it is not a “noise” but unfortunatelly  the tweeter really sounds harsh. I borrowed an equalizer and helped only a bit

Understand.  To me, the PS Audio Noise Harvesters act as an equalizer, reducing HF glare.  That is my assessment anyway.  Good luck.
Power treatment can definitely help the sound of your system, don't discount it too easily.

What acoustic treatments have you tried and where?
Is it possible that different interconnects would alter the harshness of your tweeter?

I believe I would also contact the manufactorer of the spealers and ask them for suggestions.