Stand Alone Super Tweeter for Revel F208?

I would like to add some sparkle to my Revel F208 speakers. I recently bought some Totem Hawks and Gallo 3.5s and the top end sparkle is amazing. Any recommendations?
Change the tweeter caps to Mundorf Supreme Silver in Oil. 

And.... bleah! 

I do not like that sound, but that will give you what you are looking for. 


That gen revel uses a titanium tweeter I believe, I am familiar with it and never found it lacking air.  This sounds like it may be a system synergy issue. 
It may be a good time to talk definitions. Air to me is different than sparkle and scintillation. Air feels more natural, like you are hearing the room itself. Sparkle/Scintilation feels like a Disney / Fuji film kind of extra color added.

I agree that the Revel tweets are pretty good! So that's why I suggested maybe the issue is the caps. The reason I don't like Magico SIO's is exactly what the OP wants. :)
I also like the Townshend Maximum Super Tweeters and highly recommend them.