Stand Alone Super Tweeter for Revel F208?

I would like to add some sparkle to my Revel F208 speakers. I recently bought some Totem Hawks and Gallo 3.5s and the top end sparkle is amazing. Any recommendations?

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Change the tweeter caps to Mundorf Supreme Silver in Oil. 

And.... bleah! 

I do not like that sound, but that will give you what you are looking for. 


It may be a good time to talk definitions. Air to me is different than sparkle and scintillation. Air feels more natural, like you are hearing the room itself. Sparkle/Scintilation feels like a Disney / Fuji film kind of extra color added.

I agree that the Revel tweets are pretty good! So that's why I suggested maybe the issue is the caps. The reason I don't like Magico SIO's is exactly what the OP wants. :)
I have an Audible Illusions L2 tube pre now. You are correct. The Revels are more natural. They do everything. I guess I'm looking for high end that is not strident but detailed and midrange that is sort of polite and doesn't hurt when you turn it up. My cousins B&W 802D2 has a midrange and high end I like. I have tried so many speakers. KEF LS50, Tannoy XT8F and XT6F, Spatial M3, Golden Ear Triton 2, Dynaudio Contour S3.4, Totem Hawk, Gallo 3.5. Frustrating.

And this, in a nutshell, is what I consider the "high end sound" which JA has promoted. As the OP has put it, it is not natural, but has "extra detail." I call it ragged frequency response with emphasis on a couple of bands at the sacrifice of others. 

I make no value judgement here, but I am saying we need to be more aware, like the OP is, that it's far from natural, and if JA would stop calling it that, I'd be happier. 


Almost forgot, try two things. Try toeing the speakers directly at your head, and also, try listening below the tweeter axis and above it. It's quite possible you will like the sound better with the speakers tilted, or your seating lowered. 


AMTs are in general, the opposite of what I would recommend for the OP. 

You can buy Mundorf bipolar AMT's at Madisound. Excellent performners, but you'll need to make a little stand. Not much more than a block of wood with a slot cut across it for the tweeter's lower lip. 

HOWEVER, they simply do not sound like what the OP is asking for. 

They are glass smooth. Supremely natural. 

Golden Ear Triton one's achieve this by a severe boost around 10 kHz. If that's the sound you want, you need to sculpt the HF response.

<< shiver >> god those speakers are ear drills to me.... but for many this may make up for lost hearing there, so the combination of spaeker + owner may be ideal.