Stand alone phono stage?

I succumbed to curiosity & bought a dynavector dv20x H last week & i'm afraid i've been infected w/ the moving coil illness already. i guess i'd like to try a low output next but, i think my noise level is too high. i'd prefer to keep my system all tube if possible but i don't know if that works w/ moving coils. what preamps should i audition/watch for to match a low output mc? are there any mc phono stages w/ xlr outs and tubes that would fit? my system = modified oracle mk. 1, moded hadcock arm, arc sp9 phono stage(replacing), arc ls5 mk 11, arc vt130, soliloquy 6.3s.
thanks for your ideas,
I use Audio REsearch PH3 phono with Ortophon T100 step-up transformer for Lyra Helikon 0.4mV. When I turn volume all the way up in my preamp I should apply my ear to the speaker driver to hear any noise.

For balanced outs you should probably try BAT VK-P5 or BAT VK-P10 that have both MM and MC(actually both gain settings can be used for MC)

Do not arrest yourself with only tubes you might like high-gain SS phonos: Plinius M16, Pass Ono, Aestethic IO, etc...
Umm, Marakanetz, the Aesthetix is an all-tube unit.
The Herron VTPH-1MC works great with my Helikon SL and Koetsus. And agree with Marakanetz, the Pass X Ono is a fine ss piece.
Many tube phono stages don't have enough gain for real low output carts. But you can always get a good quality step-up transformer to bring the cart output up to a reasonable level for the phono stage to handle easily. That is what I do, and find it quite acceptable. Many others use this method, and have been using it for many years. It can significantly broaden your selection of phono stages, since gain will be less of a consideration with a step-up transformer in the equation.
I have recently replaced and AI M3A (gold board MC phono preamp section). It could handle .3mv cartridges fine. The AI replaced a AR SP-9 MIII. I now have a Consonace Opera Reference 1.1 Line Stage and Phonomax Phono Preamp. I have compared the Phonomax to an Ear 834. The Ear has deeper bass and more gain but the Phonomax resolves more information. I perfer the Phonomax.
Also, the Phonomax is very cool looking.
I second the Phonomax. I have lived with a phonomax for over 6 months now and am very pleased. I compared to several high end phono preamps and it was more natural and involving. Just no comparison to the Black Cube. It does not have a great deal of gain though if one is using a very low output MC.
I have no complaints with my Sonic Frontiers Phono One. Very detailed, natural, neutral, and authoritative. Allows adjustment of loading.