Stand-alone CDP or DAC / TRANS?

Hello everyone,
I have somewhat of a multiple-part questions here, so I will be as direct and short as possible.
I am currently building a Home theatre set-up that will also provide a high end 2 channel environment. Currently, my setup consists of the following gear:

1. Amp (2 channel) > Parasound 2200 MKII
2. Pre amp > Classe SSP 25
3. Speakers > Paradigm Studio Ref 100 V3
4. Amp (3 channel) > Parasound 2203

Dilemma: I need a quality CD player or DAC / transport seperates. In the past, I have done extensive research here at AudioGon prior to making decisions on audio gear. But given the fact there is so much information concerning this subject and very subjective to boot! Question, by having a stand alone DAC, will this allow me to run both a CD transport and a DVD player through it? Do I really need to run my DVD player through a DAC? Is there a benefit to the audio track on a DVD by doing this? Or, will I still require a stand alone DVD player regardless of which path I choose for my CD’s? Listening primarily revolves around Redbook material although I do have several SACD’s. Some of the CDP’s I am considering are as follows: Meridian 508.24, Cary 306.200, Cary 303.300, Arcam FMJ CD33. Regardless of which path I ultimately choose, I would like to stay below the $2500 dollar mark. I welcome everyones opinion and would like to hear other suggestions that may come to mind in reference to other CDP's and DAC / Transports.


it is my understanding that unless you get a d/a that can accept the sacd or dvd digital signal; you must use the d/a's on the sacd or dvd.
I say this also as I have tried it and can verify the sacd part.
So I'd say buy a great CD stand alone as your dvd probably plays sacd. Or go up to something like Cary 306 SACD player.