Stanalog/Sugden gone from US?

The stanalog web site is gone (which was the US distributer for Sugden). There is no answer on the phone, not even a machine to leave a message. Sugden UK informed me that The US service technician has moved to France. They suggested I use the Canadian distributer if I wanted to buy a Sugden product. I think they make great products but it appears that presently there is zero customer support in the US for sales or service of Sugden products. Anyone have more info on this or how to get in touch with Stanalog if it still exists.
i tried for nearly a year to buy a well tempered table. oh well
I hope not. George was a great guy who really helped out with I had a VDH Black Beauty damaged in shipping. The dealer just left it to us to sort out and didn't do anything except give me Stanalogs phone number. George took it from there. Thank God somebody helped out with a damaged $5k cartridge.

I did understand that there was some discussion that VDH had a problem in turn around time with Stanalog
due to George's desire to ship them many carts at once for repair, rather than be bothered with 100's of little shipments. This was played up as if George was creating some artificial shortage or delay in VDH repair.

From my dealing with him, I don't think he did anything of the sort. I'll miss him. I think he was one of the old guard gentlemen of audio with a good ear and the integrity to give you his honest opinion.
Jeffb, I agree he (George) was good to deal with and is selling some excellent and musical stuff, and also was forthcoming of the Sugden integrateds shortcomings, but Stanalog is not that easy to get a hold of (as far as I can tell it is just him and a technician who has since left the country). If a US owner of a sugden amp, or other Stanalog product needs repair, do they just go without music until an email gets returned or the phone gets answered? (which can be weeks or even months). Sugden UK did say he had an operation but has recovered, I dont know if the Stanalog site is down temporarily or closing. I think Sugden sales in the US were nearly all through the Stanalog website. Anyway I hope he's OK.
Does anyone know how to reach Bill Firebaugh, the inventor of the Well Tempered? Maybe he can tell us who will support our turntables
I found this link in a previous thread about Stanalog. I guess that is one advantage of dealing with somewhat larger companies, there is a larger network of dedicated people, I hear audio research has parts to service every product they ever made. I might have bought an Sugden A21SE but there is presently no sales or service support in the US which makes me hesitant. Anyway here's the link, they specialize in well tempered
I just reached him via email. He was having some trouble with the website and hopes to have it back up soon. Anyway here's the email address