Stanalog - Still in business ?

Dear audiofriends!
Does anyone know if Stans homepage still active. After ordering a motor (17th october) for my beloved Well Tempered Classic-turntable I recieved a mail telling me "This e-mail is to confirm the reciept of your recent order from Stanalog"
Paid by credit card and money was drawn from my account.
But no motor and no reply from several e-mails I wrote.
Tried to reach him by phone, no ansver.
What the heck is going on !!
How can I reach this guy, please tell me if anyone of you know.
Got a new AirTight PC-1 cartridge and Merlin VSM speakers, was really looking forward ..........
I´m very dissapointed and upset, I love this turntable.

Kindly Regards:
When I was interested, with credit card numbers ready, to buy a new Sugden a21a about 18 months ago I tried many times to reach Stanalog. I e-mailed several times as well, thinking maybe they have a phone aversion. Nothing. After more than two weeks of that I gave up an bought another product. I am convinced, after going through this with another dealer in Michigan at long distance that some people do not want your money and don't want to take your card number. You want to put money in their pocket and they don't want it. That noone at these places, not even a secretary, offers any explanation is inexcusable.
same here.....
Having owned a Well Tempered and having dealt with George more than once, communication with him can be maddeningly slow at times. I don't think he has a secretary or any staff - I'm pretty sure it's just him. Of course, that's no excuse for poor service.

When I HAVE been able to communicate with him, George has always been helpful and knowledgeable.


i'm sure well tempered and sugden are thrilled
I must be the exception because I bought a VDH Black Beauty from George a while back and received it PDQ. That cartridge came with a neat little 3/4" long bubble level that was great for quickly setting azimuth(not perfect but damn close). Some time later I sold the BB and with it went the level. I called George a few months ago and ordered one level for me and another for a friend and they showed up about a week later. He could be out of the country so I'd try calling again.
Thank You All!
It gives me hope to hear that I propably get the stuff,
but when that´s ........
I´ll suppose my tolerance has to broaden a bit.
I´ll wait a while and hopefully it arrives.
Also heard Stan have other business to take care of, this is just another more or less goodwill to keep up with.

Hope he reads this (sooner or later).

Best Regards:
And hope he hires a secretary part-time to keep customers from believing he has closed shop permanently.
I ordered a WT protractor from him last night. messed up my address and emailed. I had an email first thing this morning saying he fixed it.

Good service and communication seem to be the exception there, not the rule.
I also have been trying to buy something there recently. I got one email reply after a couple of weeks to acknowldege my request....then nothing!! He has my phone number and email, bit apparently doesn;t want my money.
I'm moving-on to something else.

Oh, and Sugden in the UK (allegedly distributed in the USA by Stanalog) is no better. I sent them an inquiry over a month ago and got no acknowledgement at all!!!
He's gone alot. I have communicated with him a couple times since I got an A21. Initially I had a problem with the mains fuse blowing. Actually Sugden UK sent me 250 volt 2.5 amp fuses and this did the trick. But Stanalog does not have the latest version of the A21A on his site, which has been out for some time now (it is on the Sugden site though). He's still selling the older version, which is what I bought from him a couple years ago. That said, I'd still opt for the older version. I suppose you have to give into market pressure sooner or later but Personally more money for less power on an already low power amp (20 watts versus 25 watts for the older one), along with mainly cosmetic and ergonomic changes will not create mass appeal- it has a more "modern" look and a remote, sans balance control and mono switch. I like having the mono switch. Sugden claims the shorter signal path is beneficial, I simply run my main source via the tape monitor switch, thereby bypassing the selector switch. The rest of the amp circuitry is basically the same, and has the same alps blue volume pot. Regarding Stanalog I think a distrbuter should be more available to customers, particularly when dealers are very limited and you in effect are a dealer as well. Hope your stuff shows up.
I'd like to correct my comment about the A21 fuses, 2.5 amp were the ones initially installed that had blown a few times on my AC line, Sugden UK sent me some others that worked fine (not one has blown) and they said to only use those ones. At any rate if you do get an A21 used or new and have any issues with the main fuse, Sugden UK will take care of it.