Stan Warren Amplifier Mods

I am considering having Stan modify an Adcom 5200 amplifier. Has anyone had any experience on his amplifier mods. He seems to be very knowledgable about the Adcoms and would like to know from someone if these mods were worth it. Any help would be appreciated.
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Yes, I would say it is worth it. Mods understates what Stan does. A more accurate term(s) is redesign or reengineer.
Can you tell me what kind of mods Stan does to the amplifiers?

I was recently in the situation between sending my amps for modification or do it myself and I've got into the interesting conversation with Bob Bakert that offered me the whole bunch of possible improvements to make to the amplifier. As I have a tube amp with SS power supply that's where basically I have to get started: changing the bridge, replacing the DC supply resistor for the better driving tube and than take it to the caps replacements etc...
Also changing the feedback resistor or even make it variable as it was done in Manley amps.

I'm sure that Adcom needs some better parts and can be brought to a better life but it rather have to be analyzed prior sending for such mods. Otherwise I would just simply upgrade for the different unit.

I was trying riching Stan Warren for such conversation and he didn't reply to any of the messages yet(I do not have his e-mail info)
In a nutshell -- Stan reworks the circuitry and power supplies. He mainly does this to the Adcoms 5200, 5300 or 5400. These amps were originally designed by Nelson Pass but quality was compromised to meet retail price points. He corrects these things and truely does redesign them, while eliminating unnecessary components in the signal path.

He is hard to get a hold of and does not use e-mail. You need to call him and keep trying.

History -- one of the founders of PS Audio, then created Superphon and the first dual mono preamps. Sold Superphon and started SuperMods.

He also does great things to CD players and his daughter makes very good cables. Hope this helps.

I highly recommend his mods. Good luck.
Stan's phone number is: (541)344-3696 Best to try 3pm to 7pm pacific time.
I am currently waiting for my Adcom 5500 to come back from Stan. If anyone want's to know how it sounds after the mods, please e-mail me and I will give you a follow up.
I have a Adcom 555MK11 with mods by Stan Warren that I bought here on audiogon, very nice amp. This amp compairs nicely with my Bryston 4bst, so whatever the mods are the final results are pleasing.