Stan ( “stanwal” ) my he forever RIP

Just wanted to acknowledge Stan’s passing.  He was a long time member here, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his knowledge and experience in Audio and in life.  Condolences to his family.  RIP Stan.
So sorry to hear that. I followed many of his threads and his system. May his soul RIP. He will be missed.
Don't think I ever interacted with him but we had this in common so he couldn't have been a bad guy.RIP.
RIP Stan another member sadly lost.
Sorry to learn about Stan's passing.  I recall we traded a number of posts several years ago.  I always thought he was a gentleman.  

RIP Stan. Sad for the agon community. 
I traded posts with Stan. A good man. RIP
A gentleman. He helped me a couple of times. He wasn’t doing as well the last couple of years. He is missed.
Yes, a good man...Namaste'
RIP Stan.  He was a gentleman indeed.  Although I never met him, he and I shared a love for Spendor S100 and SP100 speakers and had a few email and forum exchanges on that topic.  He was always respectful of others' opinions.
Very sorry to hear this. I missed a chance to meet Stan a couple of years back when he (briefly) moved to my town. We exchanged several messages and were making plans to get together when he suddenly had to move again for personal reasons. I was sad we never got the chance to get together, though our correspondence was a treat. He was a congenial, very experienced audiophile, and will be much missed.
Thank you for letting us know.  Sad news, indeed.  May he rest in peace
Sad to hear about Stan. May he rest in peace.
So sad to hear this.  Stan was a former audio dealer and a great guy.  I know he got really sick and was absent from here for awhile, but had returned recently.

R.I.P. Stan.  Bet you have a fantastic system wherever you are...