Stan Getz 1953-54 Norgran set on Mosaic vinyl?

Has anyone heard the new vinyl Mosaic set of the complete Stan Getz 1953-54 Norgran Studio Sessions?

Is this a 'must have'?
I'm a big Stan Getz fan and I love this set. Typical first class job by Mosaic. I don't have any of the originals to compare sonically but the sound seems remarkable given the vintage of the recordings.
Many thanks - I will order it.
tone audio just published a review. See

they say pretty much what jazzdoc just said...I'm ordering it also now...
I have it too. It's excellent.
I got the box set from Elusive Disc a while back but have not had chance to open and listen to it yet.
Thanks for all the helpful comments!

Hey Scousepasty, I hope this has inspired you to give it a listen - enjoy!

My set is on its way from Mosaic....