Stairway to heaven

What is your favorite version of this rock classic...

1. The original with Led Zepplin
2. Mary J. Blige
3. Rodrigo y Gabriela
4. Dolly Parton......yes, she tried it too
5. Other
Led Zeppelin
William Shatner
Led Zepplin.
You're kidding,right?
Frank Zappa
How about live Heart from re-mastered Little Queen CD??
Led Zeppelin came close to being the best, but this link below will take you to the true best version!

The absolute very best version of Stairway"!


Kurt, that's way twisted. Yes, I'd say they nailed it.
I heard an acoustic cover version of Stairway with no vocals while shopping in the Lucky Brand Store a while back. It was excellent. Not sure who performed it. Anyone have any idea?

Not that it was better than the original, just a refreshing take on an old tune. No one else has really pulled off a good cover IMO.

I know it sounds like heresey, but I have to say it - I think Stairway is pretty over rated. It's a decent song, but nothing spectacular. It's a bit long and boring. If not for the last minute or so, I think it would be very forgettable. For the record, I'm a huge Zeppelin fan.

Let the flaming begin.
Are you asking about the tubed or SS version? ;-)
I like the Led Zep version on the live set "How The West Was Won". Page adds some nice fills that are unexpected and Plant's singing is excellent.
AS with so many other rock classics... eventually they all wind up in the 'grass.

Dolly Parton's version on "Halos & Horns" ;-)
Live Led Zep.......The Song Remains the Same.
"Stairways to Heaven" which has about a dozen different spoofs including great Rolf Harris,Elvis, and Doors sendups. If you don't die laughing after hearing these, you are not from Planet Earth.