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Has anyone had any success putting a pair of speakers inside an entertainment cabinet?

I assume...putting the speaker into a cubie hole will degrade the sound, therefore, why even spend money on anything better than a midfi speaker. Inside the cabinet, you will lose any imaging, soundstage, and will get some strange frequency interactions.

I am trying to convince my non-audio friend, who is designing a HT, not too. He ask for help, saying he wants great sounds, however he wants to put them into the cabinet for looks. He has a pair of Bose 201. I am thinking about advising...he might as well keep the 201 and put them into the cabinet...add a decent sub.. and call it a day - because, any money spent on nicer speakers will be lost inside the cubie hole that is being designed to hold the speakers.

What do you all think.

(why can't everyone recognize the value of good sound?!...people put big $$$ into GE monogram kitchen appliances, European washers and dryers...etc....but, the same passion is not given to their hi-fi rigs.)
You're right. Putting a cabinet inside a cabinet. Let's see, we build a cabinet in a way to reduce resonance and then put it inside another resonanat cavity? Not to mention the low frequency gain you get because the speaker is not out in the open. The result will be a very congested sound. I've always wondered--why do they call them bookshelf speakers when the worst position would be in a bookshelf?

If you want that "flush" in the cabinet look, then buy a speaker that was designed to do that from the ground up and build the cabinet to house it appropriately. Triad is one brand that comes to mind that has in wall speakers that could be used in this way. There are many others that I'm sure are quite good as well.

If one does put a "bookshelf" in the bookshelf, then line the sides with fiberglass--tightly at that, and you will need to eq the bass because it will have an unnatural gain.
B&W sells in-wall speakers. Tweeters Etc. has a display of in-wall speakers.
Try the Miele surround system, or the Bosch DVD player, amazing