Stainless Steel audio racks?

Can anyone tell me where I might look to find audio quality stainless steel racks. I know there is a manufacturer in Italy that sells them, but I can't find their web sight. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance. Bruce
the first thing I thought of was the manufacturer's directory which lists Bell Ogetti and has no info. Don't know if that's the manufacturer you're after but if you cantact the Italian Consulate, which has to have a web site, they will, I'm sure, say benvenutto!
We have purchase a few Bell'Oggetti racks. The one we have in our listening room is the Alto Evoluto AR-711 Audio. It's not a lot of fun to assemble, but once it's done...... Here is email addresses of two sales reps we used at - (John) or (Sebastian) . If you are interested, he may be able to help. or 1-925-686-9945. Good luck!
The coolest steel racks I've ever seen are by Scroer & Schroer They do distribute to the US, they are somewhat limited in the number of components they handle, but you'll find none better looking!
The URL I have for Bell'o seems to be dead ( You can find some of their items at or other internet retailers. You might also want to look at and for some different styles.
There is a company in Wisconsin known as Stratus.
Check out the galactic line. It is really beefy and modern. All glass and stainless.
I saw a stainless steel rack on web site. I have no idea how good it is,but it costs nothing to check it out.
Just curious.Why would you need stainless?Are you prepared to pay the additional costs that this material would demand? and check out Sistrum Platforms. Something of a "new" resonance control science to boot. They are happy to forward reviews and spend some time educating you about their technology. Very informative and worthwhile.
Please tell us of this "new resonance control science" that you seem so anxious to share.It wouldn't happen to have something to do with rigid support in space,rapid evacuation of energies combined with the use of cone type mechanical impedance filtering would it? BTW-you wouldn't happen to know the equally enthusiastic "Rick @ starsound" from the Absorption vs. Isolation thread would you?

Ken 'n mouse or tongue-in-cheek?
Here's a URL to at least see some of the Belloggetti stuff:
to give you some ideas of the products since the link is down. They did change their name to just Bello, but I don't see a link for that either.
The new site for Bello is Thanks for responding.
Were you thinking about Solidsteel racks? Not sur eif they are imported into the US anymore. I bough mine in Italy a few years back. Mine is black, and I believe they make them with silver (not shiny steel silver, though) finish as well.

Did a quick search. You can find the full Solidsteel catalog at The model I own is the 5.5, which currently sells for Lit. 855000 (about $ 450). Shipping will cost ya, though! :-)