Stage to Mini Grand - what's best

I'd like to upgrade my Apogee Stages to mini-grands. I'd like to know what's the best amp for the subwoofer? I'm using an Aragon 4004 Mk II for my stages now. Maybe I could get an amp for Stages and switch the Aragon to the subwoofer? Second, I'd like to purchase everything but the stages - not interested at all in purchasing a complete mini-grand setup with the stages. What's a good guess at the price of this seeing as they are out of business now? Should I consider ditching the mini-grand idea and just getting a used Muse or Velodyne subwoofer? I'm interested in sound quality here, not just big bass.
I'm assuming you have or will get the dax need this to integrate the stages and the subs...I owned these speakers two years ago and they're quite good..ideally you need the same amp on top as you do on the bottom so the gain is the same
I have owned a set of minigrands for the past 5 years.I use a 4004 II to drive the subs, and have used the following amps to drive the stages all with improving the quality of the electronics got better . Remember that these speakers like to be driven with amps that can put out a lot of current. The amps that I have uses include an aragon 8008bb, Aragon Palladium II monblocks and curently Krell250 m's which I have had the best results with in terms of accurate tonality, overall smoooothness.All these amps will drive the stages well but the Krells just sound a little more refined than the previous amps that i had in the systemn.If the amps you use on the top and bottom have different gain the dax unit allows some adjustment of the mismatch.Set up properly and driven with good electronics you will be hard presed to find a speaker systems that souns as quick open and transparent as the Apogees.