Stage 3 Concepts Magnus?

Anyone have some experience with this cables? I auditioned them for a couple of weeks. I thought they sounded amazing compared to other cables but information on these is limited with the exception of their website and the distributor. No reviews, hardly any user comments, nothing...

I'm interested in these cables but not at the retail price or even close to retail ($1500 1 meter)
I have the Magnus speaker cable. I believe the Magnus represents the real value in the line although they are only one step up from the least expensive Stage 3 product (Baron). I plan to acquire all Stage 3 cabling in my system with IC's up next. Sounds like you used the IC. What speaker cable are you using and what IC did you compare the Magnus to?
I'm currently using Cobalt speaker cable as I have 20 foot runs from my speakers to my amp and pre. As for the interconnects, I've only compared them to Kimber KCAG, Silver Streak and Kimber Select so far. I plan to compare them to Pure Note but haven't had the opportunity yet.

Do you have a good contact for Stage 3?
The contact for Stage III is Brian Ackermann of Aaudio Imports who is also the distributor for Stage III products. I know he has a dealer network but Brian has the most experience with the entire Stage III product line. You can email Stage III directly and get information from the owner/designer/manufacturer Luis who is a really brilliant guy that I met at RMAF 2009.