Stacking subs

For years I’ve used a pair of Velodyne HGS-15s placed in the front corners. They are acoustically corrected by a bass manager and seem to integrate flawlessly with the KEF Reference 1s. In a recent post, auxinput suggested I replace the HGS-15s with HGS-10s for LF extension of the KEFs and use the HGS-15s with LFE from the Bryston SP3. That seems like a fine suggestion. I wonder about stacking the HGS-10s in the corners atop the HGS-15s, the easiest and neatest solution. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
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Yeah, REL's idea of subwoofer line arrays is good, but that's not what dbphd is asking.

In my opinion, there might be a slight change in how the bass frequencies are affected by raising the HGS-10 about 20" off the floor.  You may get some reduction with some of the bass frequencies but improvement on others.  It's difficult to predict how the room would affect the standing waves.  You won't know until you try.