Stacking OK????

Hello AllI have a question about stacking a few pieces in my system. Is it ok to do? I have a MSB gold dac and my preamp that I want to run them with the XLR out but with my audio stand there is a pole right in the middle where the XLR outputs are the only way I can make it work is to have both units on the top shelf where there is no pole. is it ok to do? any suggestions? please let me know what you all think. Thanks
My rack offers similar challenges. I made an isolation platform that goes between my dac and transport. Double thickness of mdf with a layer of thin rubber between the two layers (roofing membrane.) The two layers of mdf are screwed together to compress the membrane. Then I glued a sheet of 16 gauge copper plate to the underside of the platform for rfi/electromagnetic shielding. This is supported with 4 of the Parts Connection's small rubber feet. You can bullnose route the edges or install a wooden molding to make it look presentable. I then support the dac with Black Diamond Racing cones on top of the platform. Works great for not many $$.
Photon; that's an impressive solution-- one that only a good audiophile would come up with-- kudos. I was just going to suggest Harnelt try the stacking and see if he still likes the music/sound quality. I think that ideally you would not want to stack components. Cheers. Craig.
One thing I would recommend is to put some type of buffer between the two so you dont put scratches on the top of the bottom unit.
I second perfectimage's important comment Even if it is something flat you still want to have something made of soft paper (coasters!) or felt. Rubber feet will eventually leave a residue, and even flat plastic will leave a mark from being shifted around.
Stacking is never advisable although sometimes you're forced into it. In those cases, as Photon advises, try to isolate the chassis if possible. Use Vibrapods or Mod Squad footers at the very least. Later on when you begin experimenting with vibration control products such as isolation, coupling & shelving (cones, pods, footers etc) then you'll begin to better understand why stackng is inadvisable.