Stacking mats on Technics SP-10R

I have a new Technics SP-10R on the way, and I'm going to need to stack several mats on it the majority of the time for purposes of centering records. I collect and restore 78s, and a good portion of them are pressed sligtly off-center. The mats need to be high enough so that the record is seated within the round part of the top of the spindle. My arm, of course, has plenty of VTA adjustment to allow for this. I'm thinking that it's probably fine to get a bunch of generic silicone rubber mats and call it a day. An engineer friend who does a similar thing said he just collected old Technics SP-10/15 mats. Would this be optimal? The goal is to keep things as neutral and undistorted as possible.


Stacking mats will jack VTA so far out of kilter I'm amazed anyone who cares at all about sound quality would even consider it. Especially since what it means is trying to center the record by hand. 

So imagine, you got a record on a stack of mats 1/4" high, which means VTA off by a whopping 1/4", playing a record wobbling around - and this is at 78rpm! Crazy!

reading comprehension not a strength, see OP statement about willingness and capability to adjust ….VTA


With the problems of 78 rpm and the cost of the SP10R it was better to buy a used Nakamichi TX1000 and no more problems.
There is a serious risk that the remedy to improve reading of eccentric grooves by adding mats to mats is worse than evil.