stacking B & O turntable

I have a stack of components (amp, pre-amp, cd player, etc) that are stacked on an old antique chest. I just purchased a vintage B & O turntable and am wondering how or if to place it on top of the other components. Plus it will hang over the back edge by 4-5 inches and will need some type of base support. I'd like to make it work, as space is limited. Any suggestions will be welcome.
NO NO AND NOOOOOOO! Please buy either a wall mount for the turntable, or if you have an Ikea or Lowe's near you then buy a Lack table a {Light ridged four legged table} they come in a few colors and work very well. But what ever you do please do not stack the turntable.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll take a look at using the Lack table.