Stacking a HT processor on top of amplifier

Due to space limitations, I kind of have to stack my Anthem AVM 60 HT processor on top of my MC452 amp.

I was thinking of using something on top of the MC452 to allow for separation between the amp and processor. There will be nothing above the AVM 60, and so I could use something that would allow for several inches of clearance and as much as necessary.

I've never done this before - is there something I can buy ready made that will do the trick? I am not a DIY kinda guy and would rather just buy something that folks here explicitly use for these kinds of AV situations.

Also, any downsides to doing this if there is sufficient clearance?


Check out the custom fan boxes made by acinfinity; they are incredibly inexpensive ($100 or less) VERY well built and are superb at solving the problem completely.

  Don't stack unless you add a fan, as per craingl59's suggestion. The MC generates too much heat for anything to be stacked on top of it. Your owner's manual probably advises against it.

I have done stacking like that.  The amplifier heat will rise and heat the HT Processor.  What you want to do is get a piece of 4x4 lumber and cut 4 pieces into something like 1-1/2" or 2" thick slices.  Then cut a 1/4 plywood to set on top of that.  You can paint/finish/glue these together.  It should look like a table top with 4 stubby feet underneath.   If you want, you can pad the bottom of the feat to avoid marking the top of the amp.  Then put this between the HT Processor and amp.  You can use other material for feet, the 4x4 is just an example, but it's important to put a couple of inches of space above the amp for heat ventilation.

This becomes like a heat shield for the HT Processor.  I have found it very effective.

Umm...  RTFM...  Allow at least 6 inches (15.24cm) above the top...

"Allow at least 6 inches (15.24cm) above the top, 2 inches (5.08cm) below the bottom, 3 inches (7.62cm) behind the rear panel and 2 inches (5.08cm) on eachside of the Power Amplifier, so that airflow is notobstructed. Allow 2-1/2 inches (6.35 cm) in front ofthe mounting1 panel for clearance. Be sure to cut out a ventilation hole in the mounting shelf according to the dimensions in the drawing."

Refer to drawing for further details...

I use the 2" x 2 "  but heat will rise..Check it out after a few hours.If it to hot think of another plan.
How about getting an Amp stand for the Mac.
Or- how about putting the amp on the processor?
Amps need cooling. If they overheat, Bad Things can happen.