stacked baby maggies?

Has anyone tried to buy two pair of baby maggies? How would they be wired?
Go to Planar Asylum and posit your question there. I don't know how many DIY guys hang out here, at least on the panel speaker side of the fence.

Look up 'Frankenpan' and maybe get in touch with the owner / poster. So much lore exists for panels, and maggies in particular, that to sum it up would require a pretty good size article.

As far as DIY, kind of depends what you are after. Personally, I'd wire them in SERIES, not parellel. Parellel woud result in maybe 2 ohms, and you'll have some rather substantial amp problems. In series? Well, you end up with 8 ohms or so, with, depending on the model, other measurables. With this in mind, you could probably make a decent case for bi-amp.

From the standpoint of multi-panel drivers, look no further than the Tympani lineup. Having the most bass panel area, they also have the greatest amount of bass of any of the Manepans, arguably including the latest 20.1

Now, what is your 'start material'. If you are buying new, the MMG is 600$. You'd be better off with the MG12, which will be more coherant than a pair of MMGs. Likewise, going upline. 2 pair of the now replaced MG1.6 may cost what the (some controversy) MG1.7 is new. And so on.

Some would say that full-tilt modded 1.6s are better than the new 1.7s and the best bang / buck ratio in speakerdom. Frames? Crossovers? Biamp? Active crossovers? Not to mention the ever popular 'tweeter in/out' discussions.

And the goal is?