Stable Platter Transports

Hello all,

I'm a fan of the sound I get from my EAD T-1000 transport, which I've had in my system for 6 years or so.

I am putting together a higher end system for the listening room, and am thinking about the CD transport as the last item to complete the arrangement.

I am thinking about getting a used transport so I can get another that uses the Stable Platter mechanism. Any suggestions on high quality transports?

I know about the EAD Ultradisk 2000, which was their last CD only transport, and that is probably my frontrunner right now.

I would be interested in any other transport suggestions that will fall in the $1000 dolllar range. I guess Theta used the S.P. for some transports? Who else?

Associated Equipment:

EAD Theatermaster 8 Signature
Pass Labs X-150
Synergistic cables
Hales Concept 3 speakers

Thanks everyone, and have a great holiday season.

The Wadia 22 (I think that's the number) used the stable platter. I've never heard one though.
So did the Wadia 830, although that could be out of your price range.
The Wadia 830 is not a dedicated transport even though it could be used that way. It is really not needed with the Theatremaster.
You may want to look for a Theta Pearl or Jade. I believe they both have the stable platform transport. I have heard the Pearl and it is very musical. The Jade is supposed to be a step up.
I've heard the Theta Pearl--it does use the stable platter and is very good sounding. Perhaps slightly on the warm side--but that's pretty subjective. I liked it very much.
the Pioneer Elite PDM 65 uses the stable platter and is a great and good priced transport - it is also a player but as a transport it is very good and nice looking with that Elite look.
The EAD U2000 can be used for transport only via coaxial digital output, but it's actually a one box player including the Pacific Microsonics HDCD decoder. This is such a great machine; stands on it's own merits & I have no desire to even try anything else. Certainly it can be bettered but at what price & would it be worth the extra $? You'd probably have to spend a lot more; to get to the next level might even require going up to SACD with it's $25 a pop software. With "meager" redbook-priced HDCD discs you're in for an unbelievable treat. If you haven't auditioned the U2000 you simply must try one for yourself. My setup includes Synergistic's better cabling & Accuphase pre & PA. No doubt the EAD would be really sweet with your Hales; I'd love to hear it too.
I second the U2000 rec. No need for a sep. processor. This is an excellent machine...I sold mine and definitely regret it (using a cheap player now)
Good listening,
I used to have an EAD T-1000 transport, and it was quite
decent, especially at the price. However last year I sold
it and upgraded to a Levinson #37 transport. There is no
comparison. Bass is much deeper and tighter, highs have
less edge and steeliness, imaging is more expansive with
greater depth. You can occasionally find a 37 for around
$2000-2200. The new Levinson 390 transport/DAC combo is
supposed to be superb, but lots more money.
Thanks for the responses everyone.

I am going to do some research and see if I can find an EAD Ultradisk 2000 T, which is the transport-only version of the U-2000.

If anyone else has any comments, please feel free to ad them, I'll watch this thread for a while.

Hi Michael. I've owned a Theta Pearl for about 8 months, and yes it does use the Stable Platter. I work with computers with CD ROM drives all day, so when I get home sometimes I hesitate a bit because I have to remember to put the CD into the Theta label side down. The Pearl is the only transport I've ever owned so I'm no help as far as sonic comparisons go. If you have any questions about their transports, Ed Deitemeier with Theta Digital is very helpful. You should be able to wrangle one for $600 or less used if you decide to go that way. Also, I've read a lot of good things about the EAD transports, so if you buy one let us know how it works out. Good luck.
Yep, EAD U2000, heard it, love it, getting it.