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I am looking for opinions on Salamander Archetype 5 component rack. I would appreciate if anyone can share their thoughts based on their own experience with this rack. How stable is this rack, how does it affect the overall sound of your system, etc... The reason why I am considering the Archetype is that the price is good $249 and the possibility to change the height between the shelves to accomodate different size components. I don't own a TT, so the rack would have to just accomodate for trasport and dac as far as the source is concerned. Any advise is appreciated. Oh...and I don't want to build it myself. No time to drive around looking for necessary parts. I'd rather just buy the Salamander and assamble it. Thanks.
Hi Audphile1
I have a home made Archetype 5.Having said that don't jumb into conclusion that because mine is a home-made version of
the original is in any way inferior e.t.c.
Actually it is superior in it's construction quality and IMO looks very close to original if not identical.Size is exact by the way.It is easy to build it yourself since you already willing to assemble a factory one.
Home depot sells oak veneered plywood in three quarters thickeness.They can cut it preciselly into pieces for a minimal charge too.You can then edge veneer it with pre-glued veneer band that you van apply with a home iron.
Drill a 3/4 hole on it's corner of the shelves.Buy 4 pieces of 5/8 threaded rod ,spray paint them black.Order the end caps and footers from Audio Advisor for 20$ and once you varnish and put it together ,it looks like the factory ones.
Problem is the "thing" is UNSTABLE and even though I build mine very carefully it still has a tendency to twist.
So my advice is to look for something more solid in a higher price.Billy bags are great products and I happen to own an amp stand from them.
Best of luck

PS.In my version of Salamander I used solid six feet rods,in the factory version they use two 3 feet rods connected together with a coupler.Guess wich one is more solid? Mine obviously.Now they do that so they can "ship" them out easier.!!!!!
Look for a used Michael Greene deluxe adjust-a-rack. Same adjustable shelves. Hard to find them for sale, but very stable!
Like Yio, I have a homemade version---

but I started out with the stock version (for 6 years) before I felt the itch. Rack sounds OK, but I have been known to add mass (granite or maple slabs), and was not always too thrilled with the lateral stability (had a pretty heavy turntable on top). You can tighten, but mine seemed to work it's way loose (I ended up "adding" pointed feet, diagonal bracing... then I built new shelves.
Yioryos, thanks for the advise. I have been reading about it here on a-gon that this rack is unstable. Don't understand though how come it was not mentioned in the stereophile review.
Audiophile mag is not to be taken that "seriously".Check for example member "grooves" answers here in Audiogon.He is Michael Fremer.
Now for the ultimate stereo rack,I actually built my own,out of commercial aluminium,with stainless steel fasteners.The whole rack is of a "twin" design,meaning double width,48 inches,non magnetic and EXTREMELLY rigid.
Very heavy too.I haven't completed it yet,I need to send it out for anodizing (finishing).Well one of these days I will.
I also have the option of filling it with lead shot or sand .My Salamander is holding cd's /dvd's and other accessories.I basically don't trust it for my gear.

I did see pics of a home made type 5 rack made of solid brass 1 inch thick rods !!!!!!! and some thick wood shelves.They appeared to be two inch thick wood laminated shelves.The guy had something for sale and in his pics you could see the portion of the rack.Good project,only brass is expensive $$$.


I made my own shelves by taking 1X2 and glueing 'em together. So, I have 2" thick shelves that will tend to warp less than a solid piece of wood... finished them with oil (so I don't care about the cones "damaging" the finish".

Must admit, I kept the original rods (but I didn't have a drill press then and was worried about drilling good holes).

Very happy with the sound, look and pride of ownership. (pic on my profile).

happy listening,
I really appreciate your responses. From what I've been reading, for the past few days, on the component racks, I think I am leaning towards steel racks. Something more rigid than Archetype. Unfortunately these are much more expensive, so I will have to research and see what ptions I have. May be I'll have it built.
I've considered looking into the racks available from . Might be what you are looking for as they look solid and stable.
Bgrazman, sure looks nice that rack you made. But due to lack of time to make 1 myself, I ended up ordering SolidSteel 5.5. I hope it is as stable as it looks. I haven't heard bad things about it. More $ than Salamander I wanted to buy, but it will probably kill my desire to upgrade a rack soon. I have the Standesign rack I am currently using for over 8 years. Time to get a new rack. Improve things just a little further(I hope). Thanks all for your contributions to this post. I appreciate it.
My pleasure.

(I still have the itch... getting a quote for a tt platform....).

Will it never end?

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Another great rack option/company is Rix Rax (

Beautiful and solid.

Ajazi, these are $4500 racks. A little over my price range....