Stabilizers and footers


What are some good footer and stabilizers you have used four your equipment and speakers. How much do they cost?

Please advise
Herbie's Audio Lab
I second Herbie's Audio Lab.

They drain (absorb) from all directions, not just vertically.

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For components, Vibrapods and cones cost about $12 each. Very effective IMO.
I use butyl rubber chemical bottle stoppers.
$1.25 each.
I must have a 80 of them around.
Size ten is best.
i got mine at American Science and Surplus locally. Last time i checked, the website did not have any.
I also use tiptoes. Old tiptoes from the 80's
The used to be $4 small, $7 large.
Then I also have purchased dome shaped urethane stuff off Amazon like the $25 ones but way cheaper.
These items work great with my $5K components. And with the cheap ones too.
I also use Herbie's. Plus he will answer your questions regarding the products quickly.
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Agree Vibrapods are very good and inexpensive (Amazon)
Sand filled platforms are great under source components and anything with tubes.If you want to experiment,small "gladware" containers are just as effective.If you like the effect you can easily make your own.Like Elizabeth, mine are from the 80's- BrightStar audio.Haven't tried Herbies but only hear good things about those products.

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Does your gear sound the same regardless of which of the items you listed you're using? I've been looking for a comparison of the effects of various footers on the market but have yet to find one.

You should checkout Herbie's Audio Lab.