ST optical to TOSLINK cable... & good ST cable?

Is there such a thing as a ST optical to TOSLINK optical cable or adapter??

I have a player with an optical TOSLINK out and my only available input on my DAC (Jadis JS2MKII) is an optical ST - so is there such a cable to connect the two? Or adapter?

Also, regarding standard ST - ST optical cables, does anyone have any recommendations that are for audio and under, say, 50 USD? I see some Audioquest ST cables but these are at least 120 USD - any suggestions?
Yes, my Jadis has an RCA input but it is used, so too is the XLR input. Only one remaining in the ST input.

OK, in that case I'll find a way to use the ST input using my transport.... can anyone recommend an ST cable for audio purposes... under, say, $50-80?
Square peg and round hole....won't work. Not compatible. If you can find an older jitter reduction box it may have a toslink input and a ST output which will allow you to connect th transport to the dac, but it will cost more thand $50. Almost all transports have an RCA output, doesn't your Jadis have a RCA input?
They operate on different wavelengths and are not compatible.