SST Son of Ampzilla ii power amp

Hey guys,

I need your opinions, advise, insights & thoughts on the SST (Spread Spectrum Technology) Son of Ampzilla ii (series ii) stereo power amp. The amp receives many glowing reviews from the likes of TAS, Hifi Plus, 6moons, EnjoytheMusic, etc. I know this amp was barely discussed anywhere and isn’t a popular mainstream amps. It is a class AB design with biased into class A for the first 10 to 12 watts. I know it looks ugly as hell but I would care less for the look and only care for the audio performance sound quality, musicality and reliability. Many reviewers claimed that this amp punches way above its price and competes well with many amps costing much more. Well, some reviewers always said that, don’t they?

I’m thinking to buy this amp to replace my Classe Sigma Amp2 class D amp to drive the Monitor Audio Gold 200 5g (latest generation) speakers. The rest of my gears are : Classe SSP 800 preamp processor, Cary Audio CD 306 SACD player/DAC served as my CD/SACD player and DAC. I also have the Oppo 105 universal bluray player used as a bluray & occasional DVD-Audio transport which is connected via HDMI to my Classe SSP 800.

What do you guys think of the SST Son of Ampzilla ii (series ii) amp and how would it compare with my existing Classe Sigma Amp2 class D amp? I know they would probably sound different. Any other options out there I should consider? Any input, insights & thoughts are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
With that ribbon tweeter, I'd go for a warmer amp. Parasound A21 perhaps?
My new Monitor Audio Gold 200 5g speakers (latest generation) use MPD (micro pleated diaphragm) high frequency transducer, kinda similar to the ribbon tweeter but not a ribbon tweeter. The same kind of MPD tweeter used in the MA Platinum series ll (latest gen). The previous generations of the MA Gold series 4g use ribbon tweeters. The latest gen of Gold series 5g shares the same DNA & technology (trickle down technology) with the latest gen of Platinum series ll.

So my MA Gold 200 5g (latest generation) are warmish sounding speakers, very smooth very refined, and definitely sounding much more laid back, much smoother and warmer sounding than the previous Gold series 4g, which I found to be bright. The current latest version of Gold series 5g sound very different from their prodecessors. They are complete opposite as far as tonality.

That said, I’ve heard from some that the SST Son of Ampzilla ii is slightly warm sounding amp. I’ve never heard the Parasound Halo A21 before.
@dilatante +1 It is, and it is a good choice. I own one.

I’ve heard from some that the SST Son of Ampzilla ii is slightly warm sounding amp

@ david_ten 

Do you own the SST Son of Ampzilla ii (series ii) amp? What are your speakers? 
James Bongiorno designed fine SS gear (SAE, Dynaco, GAS, Sumo, SST). Right now I am using the Sumo Andromeda amp with DCM Time Windows. This combination sounds quite impressive! I also have on hand two of the old GAS Sons and a Thoebe preamp. I expect that the SST Son will sound excellent!
@jasonbourne52 +1 re.:

James Bongiorno designed fine SS gear (SAE, Dynaco, GAS, Sumo, SST).


I have the series 2 (the one under W4S leadership/direction).

I have driven Gemme Tanto V2s, Charyo Academy Sonnets, and Tekton Design DIs and DI-SEs with the SoA 2.

Didn't we have this same post in November? It's a fine AB amp, inexpensive, owners like it (I do), the reviewers like it. Unlikely anyone will be able to comment on it vs the Sigma or with your particular speakers, that's a needle in a haystack. Talk to Walter at Underwood, he will have the most info, not sure if he has anything to demo, that's the challenge with smaller brands with limited distribution.