Just took it for a spin.....Ten Years After what a classic the late great Alvin Lee and the boys put out. They just don't make music like this anymore!
Great band and album. Those guys knew how to ROCK!
Fantastic album, I am also crazy about "Undead", one of the best live albums that I have ever heard.
They just don't make music like this anymore!

Too true!
Had a copy of that one back in the day. Haven't seen it since 72' or so. Makes me wonder where it went.
I just checked your system Pops. Wow, I can only imagine how Ten Years After sounds like on that system!
Thanks Timrhu! Too kind. You gotta revisit this album, all the TYA's. As I
have gotten older I have reverted back to my music roots. This must be
some sort of sign....but I don't know what! LOL! Nice system you have
yourself, love the Audio physics! Image like no other!
Space in Time is their best produced LP imho...have to get Shhhh...
Hey Pops, after Timrhu’s praise, I just had to check out your room and agree completely, it looks awesome... clever too... I never would have thought of turning it upside down :-)
Thanks Phaelon! It does sound better upside down, haven't figured out how to keep from spilling my cocktail though..;0)
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