SSP Digital versus Analog inputs

Any help/clarification/understanding of the question below will be most apprciatied. My Surround Sound Processor has both digital and analog inputs with very solid DAC's. The DVD player which is doubling as a CD player has analog and digital outs.

I can understand having analog inputs for vinyl LP's but I don't understand why one would utilize analaog outputs/inputs with CD playback.

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Um, well some processors actually have a DAC or digital to analogue convertor, and some don't. If the DAC in your pre-amp sounds better use the DIGITAL out, a single (RCA) use 75ohm cable and put it direct into your per-amps digital input.

If there are (2) RCA's they are probably suggesting a digital source via it's analogue outputs.

So-- Which esteemed product from Japan do you own?

Actually my processor and CD player were both made in the USA coutesy of California Audio Labs. The Cal Processor (SSP 2500) does have 24 bit 96kHz Dual Colinear DAC's as well as analog inputs. My assumption is that the analog inputs in the processor are for input from turntables. Conversely I assume the analog outs would be what I would utilize if I were able to integrate a pre-amp in between the processor and the amplifier.
Well, if you had a Cal Labs CL-5 cd player which does not have a digital out, then those analog inputs would come in pretty handy.