SSP as 2-Channel Preamp With Sub???

sorry if this is an obvious question, but is it possible to use an SSP in analog direct mode AND a subwoofer?

i'm consolidating my rig and will be using an SSP as a preamp for HT and 2-Ch listening, and from what i've read, the best 2-ch sound is possible when using the analog bypass (or direct) mode on an SSP. BUT, in doing so, there's no way to get a sub channel.

so, for those that would prefer to run their SSP in analog bypass mode, but also use a sub to augment small speakers, how is this done? in my 2-channel rig, my preamp has multiple outputs that i use... i fail to see how i can replicate this using an SSP.

any suggestions would be appreciated!
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If your SSP has balanced and unbalanced outs you could use one set for the sub. That would be the only thing I would know that might work.
i've come up with three options, but would still love to hear from the experts here!

1. theta casablanca has a analog direct (matrix) mode (pure analog to mains, duplicate signal created and crossed to generate sub channel);
2. use a y-adapter on the main (L/R) pre outs on the SSP to route signal to both the power amp and sub;
3. my dac (Wyred) has multiple outs so i can route the main signal to the SSP using one set of outs and to the sub using the other.
@ Hooper_ke... thanks for the suggestion - i'll have to consider it as i look into SSPs.
Have you tried the SSP in digital mode? You may find it's so good you don't need to screw around. I have no idea how unbalanced vs balanced outputs are relevant to your perceived (imagined) problem. I'd pass on Options 1 & 2, dubious about 3.

@db... i don't own an SSP presently - just planning / researching right now. i'm just going off everything i've read, which is pretty consistent in that these SSP's really only excel for 2-channel listening when used in analog direct (bypass) mode.

i don't know one way or another, as i haven't had a listen yet... if there are some out there that are comparable to decent 2-channel preamps in digital mode, i'd love to know about them!
My mistake, Srosenberg. I read SSP to mean Classe SSP 800, one of the processors reviewers suggest can serve well as the basis of a system used for stereo, multi-channel surround, and HT. I'm using a Cary Cinema 11a, another processor lauded for audio quality. I've been very satisfied with it for stereo, with both digital and vinyl. Well recorded DSD surround can be glorious. Try the Arts recording of Corelli violin sonatas for a treat.

At least one SSP has a crossover in the analog domain (in addition to digital), which will do what you want - the ADA Mach IV. There may be others.
If you purchase a Theta Casablanca you may not want to use your DAC anymore. The CB is known as one of the best, or the best, SSP for two channel audio as well. I would love to hear how a CB compares to W4S DAC if you get a CB. I am considering a used CB for music/HT or the Marantz AV7500 for HT and a W4S DAC 2 for music.
I’ve got a Theta Casablanca II with one of the 6 inputs set up in the Analog Direct mode. The Theta manual says “Since there is no surround processing in Analog Direct, the sub woofer, phantom center channel, and crossover effects are not available”. In the Analog Matrix mode, the manual says the signal routing is the same as for Analog Direct, but adds that the surround channels can be crossed over “creating a sub channel”, but the front left and right channels cannot be crossed over. In other words, if you’re running two channel Analog Matrix, the sub crossover effects are not available.

IMHO, I can’t imagine a straight up two channel stereo rig sounding better than the Casablanca.

The Casablanca's top of the line Xtreme cards are very good, but in my experience not competitive with the Perfect Wave DAC (I have both) for 2 channel. In fact, even the Marantz ud9004 sounds better analog over the Theta six shooter MCH preamp than using digital into the casblance using the Xtreme DACs. How the just released CBIII HD with HDMI stacks up we'll have to see.

I need to use a better DAC with my system as my transport is my weakest link. I think I will forgo the CB and keep my 2-channel and HT separate. Thanks for the advice, I apologize for highjacking the thread as well.