SS with meters

hi looking for a solid state amp with meters.  I know I had seen something before, from a smaller company....

anyways not mcintosh or similar larger company


I had the SPL Director Mk2 and Performer Separates, Small footprint, great sounding and really cool looking. Only reason I got rid of it was I wanted tubes.

SAE from the 80’s. LED’s more accurate than analog and cooler looking to me


go to hifishark, search 'Solid State amp', put in price limit, scroll the pics, make a list od makers names with meters.

next search only for those makers names.

filter by your country to keep shipping cost lower. all countries to see some cool stuff you never knew about.

then when actively searching, change right column to 'first seen', check every morning.

thanks everyone....i did end up finding something that is close, advance paris

but I'm sure i've seen other brands with this blue digital meter

So it's more important to you to have gaudy meters than good sound?


To each his own.......

Dear @gwng8  : The information in the link shows that those monoblok amps have excellent design and build quality. Go a head with !


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


@ozzy62 i am trying to find amps i had seen before, or similar, and hoping the community can help direct me......and i'm grateful for the assistance so far.


your ignorance pretty much flies in the face of the support I have always received on these forums

Those Advance look neat!  Proton had some amps with nice meters, so did a slew of Japanese amps in the 80's.  Heck - there's a youtube video where a guy bought his own meters and added them to an Adcom GFA5500 - nice looking!  The Denon POA1500 is nice as well.  Also Onkyo M-5570

thanks everyone.  i was sure there was another company currently making an amp with a digital face similar to the advance one

Coda, classe, and SAE come to mind. Pass and D’Agostino too. What is your budget and what do you consider a large company? None of these I would consider large compared to a typical CE company. I think the classe and sae amps are digital meters if I recall correctly plus the anthem you have already seen.


Buy a pair and bi-amp. At a measured 468wpc it'll run pretty much any speaker in stereo. On my Aurum Cantus V7Fs I've yet to go over the 40w line and that speaker is an 89db 3 way.