SS vs Tube for preamp ?

Okay, I am looking to try a new pre in my system. First I will tell you what I have, and then look forward to your input. I am using a pair of Rogue Magnum M120 monoblocks, with a Rogue Magnum 99 pre at present. Proac Studio 250 speakers, Vpi HW19 jr TT w/PT6 tonearm and Grado Reference Sonata cartridge, and a Cal CL-15 CD player.
I am looking to change my preamp. Idon't get much of a chance to audition equipment so I look for help in answering questions form reliable sources.
What are the differing qualities from ss/ tube pre's ?
What are some things I should consider, like input inpeadence?
What would match up with my 120's well?
How about telling us why you want to change preamps. What do you want more or less of than what you currently hear ?
Better highs, mids, more detail, warmth, bass, prat, yada ...yada .. yada..

A target price range might help too.
Get a passive transformer volume control (TVC) such as Bent Audio NOH. You won't look back. I just came from a friends house, and we compared three tube preamps: Bottlehead Foreplay, Cary AES and a DIY grounded grid preamp that he built. The Foreplay was the best of the three, but my Bent TVC was the clear winner.
As stated above, passives are actually very competitive at the under $4000. range-and my experience in comparing less than $3500 tube preamps to a passive came up with the same results as above. I do however believe it is very easy to better a passive starting at $3000. if you know where to look. the ayre(3k) and placette(4k) ss preamps both easily beat any passive and minus the golden glow of tubes, are every bit as musical as tubes with way better dynamics. Pass with the old power supply cosmetics(still available) is under $4000. and also is better. I also believe you have a great combo that is a synergistic match that's hard to beat for anywhere near the price. Problem with going solid state pre and tube amp is that it's very hard to predict by the numbers- if it will be a good match- you have to listen. I put my Ayre k1x with a Art Audio Jota once and I wanted to leave the room- oh well. But I do think this approach is the way to go though(solid state pre with tube amp). It's my ideal concept because ALL tube preamps and passives kill dynamics-and I don't care how much you spend they all kill the dynamics compared to solid state active and live. Happy searching.
I own the same Rogue amp/preamp combo after having listened to Audio Research, Cary, CJ, and Quicksilver. The Quicksilvers were the only combo that seriously challenged the Rogues in musicality, but the Rogues won on sheer dynamics and bass control. I personally don't think that you will find a more overall musical sound than the Rogues unless you are willing to spend MUCH more money (at least double what the Rogues cost).
Thought you bought a Blue Circle!
Yup, sold it. Besides,this post was before I bought the BC3.
The Rogue magnum 99 did not rest good with me. It was pleasent to listen to. but lacked something. I tried the BC3 and didn't like it at all. At first I thought it was a lot better than the Rogue. The Rogue was smooth but the sound just came from the speakers. You could detect the stereo effect but, it was lacking in definition.
The BC3 had definition up the yazoo. The sound came from behind the speakers. With certain recordings it was about the best pre I had ever heard. But with my favorite type of music(rock from the 70's) The BC3 was just terrible.
I am not sure if it was the associated equipment or the BC. But it just wasn't working for me.
Every imperfection from the 70's recording stood out like a sore thumb. Now I am on to something else. I hope this works:)
Just a thought but I recently got that BAT pre & had a great demo experience with the Grounded Grid from Trancendent sound (Stepped attenuater) for kit price of $499.00 its my spring project....check out the website I just ordered one for my second system.