ss replacement for my SET tubes and Egglestons?

I love the sound of my current amps (Audio Mirror 45 Watt SET monoblocks) with my speakers (EgglestonWorks Fontaine) but would prefer I get the same/near same sound with an ss amp for $2500 (used/new). Any Eggleston (or similarly built) owners out there think this is possible? (Tube pre is Mapletree 2A SE; also have pair of ACI Titan powered subs.) Reason for considering is not audio quality based, but for a more convenient and worry free set up. I'd love to play my rig several hours per day without the maintenance and worry of power tubes.
If you happen to find a SS amp that sounds like your 45 tubes let the rest of us know,good luck.

Do you think it would every be imaginable, that with the correct tubed preamp and the correct cabling and the correct power conditioning, that a SS-based system could rival a SET-based system?

I'm not saying it is easy nor inexpensive, but is it possible? Can a system truly blur the lines between SET, OTL, SS, etc?
Does No sound too harsh.
how would this be even remotely possible?
Through reading I see that it might be impossible to mimic the SET sound I have with ss so I am willing to give up some of the SET magic in a subtractive way. For example, not as organically deep or as seductive or as well imaged. As long as it does not add anything bad to the sound in its place (etched, steely, glassy, harsh).

Markwatkiss - not sure what you mean.
Have you given Nelson Pass's earlier Aleph series any thought? That would be my go to amp (in your budget range) if I wanted to ditch SET's.

And speaking of the man, I just read about his upcoming XS series. He had special transistors made for him at a cost way, way into the 6 figures. He describes them as SIT's. The 300 watter is 85k and to bring you back from sticker shock, the 150 watter is "only" 65k.

I "imagine" they would be a step(s) closer but boy what a cost. Hopefully some trickle down tech will come from it.
Larryken - if and how - that is what I am asking.

Onemug - Aleph's able to drive my 87db/6.5 ohm min. speakers?

Any Eggleston owners or others who have at least heard Egglestons with ss amp costing less than $3k used out there able to chime in?
Aleph is capable of driving your speakers but your preamp might not be a good match to Aleph.
I would suggest taking a walk on McIntosh or Accuphase streets.
I`m not knocking solid state and I know many audiophiles prefer them. IMO the DHT type tubes have a instrinsic sound and character that`s simply different(better is of course a matter of opinion). The closest match to DHT tube character is probably the First watt SIT amplifiers and they`re not 'identical' in sound.Certainly you can find a SS amp that pleases, it just won`t 'mimic' the DHT sound IMO.
why not call Jim Thompson at Eggleston and ask him
I had a pair of Eggleston Rosas. I first tried the Aleph 5 and then the Aleph 2 monos. The 2s were better but boy those Rosas needed power. I moved up to the Pass XA series and eventually switched speakers. I would try the Aleph 2, 100 watt/8 ohm. They may be enough power for you depending on the type of music, volume and room size. They can be found for about $3K used. I don't know about your preamp match though.
Hi Charles,

I agree that you would never swap-out a SET amp for a SS amp and think you were still listening to a SET amp.

But I am wondering whether a 'system' can have all the characteristics of a SET amp, while using a SS amp. Emphasis on the whole system.

Would you please elaborate on the DHT type sound and how in compares to solid state? How would you describe it and why could it not be reproduced? How would it differ from other tubed designs?
I was just speaking in general terms,within the SET universe there are numerous variations i.e. 845/211 vs 300b vs 2A3 etc. Even within the 'same' output tube family there`re further stradifications in sound presentation.

My point is DHT tubes do sound different from the IDHT-pentode(even when strapped as a triode) and of course tubes vary vs transistors(which have their individual characters).I just don`t believe you can make something that it is`nt. I don`t know how one could configoure a system(regardless of effort) to duplicate what is innately different. If it`s possible that news to me.
I have listened to a lot of gear and never thought you could find what Rockadanny seeks, so is it possible? If yes, I'd be interested too.