SS quality pre-amp with HT bypass-suggestions?

I have a pair of Gallo Ref. 3.1 in a second system with a Denon receiver. I would like to add a solid state used pre-amp, under $2,000, for 2 channel enjoyment to mate with an Aragon 8008BB. I've seen a lot of tube recommendations for pre-amps but I want solid state for a number of practicality reasons. Who makes one with HT bypass that truly sings?
Dave, have a look at the Rowland Capri. . . SS, fully differentially balanced, HT bypass, remote. A sound to die for IMO. . . I prefer it to my own ARC Ref 3. I have ranted abundantly about it during the last several months in several threads. G.
try the Belles 28A
list at 4995, but used have been as low as 2100.
I had one, and if I wanted SS again and had not needed the $$, I would not hesitate.
Yup,gotta second the Jeff Rowland Capri,it's the piece de resistance for what you've described.
You probably know this, but you don't necessarily need an HT bypass to make this work. You can just set a HT "reference" volume level with any preamp (I used 12:00 or halfway for simplicity's sake) and when you're listening to HT just turn the knob to that position and you're good to go. Not quite as elegant as an HT bypass, but then you're not limited and can choose from any preamp available.

Best of luck.
See vonwaffen ad. He's selling a PS Audio GCP 200/GCPS.

It's the very best 2 channel pre you can buy under $2K. It has HT bypass, is fully balanced, has RCA/XLR I/Os AND polarity control on the remote!

Search PS Audio and you will find his ad
The McCormack RLD 1 is a great pre with HT bypass, there's one on audiogon right now.
I too would go with the Capri. It is a very good preamp and a bargain of a price. It is not as good as an Aesthetix Calypso and I personally would take the ARC Reference 3 over it. But it was/is good enough that I was able to move down from the Calypso to the Capri with only minimal drop in performance and the benefit is that I can leave it on all the time knowing that I am not burning up an $800 pair of tubes.
Hi Ckoffend, could you describe in some detail the salient sonic differences you perceived between the Calypso and the Capri? Thanks, G.
Another one for the Capri. Great preamp for the money.
The Calypso excels at (in comparison to the Capri) and based on rather expensive upgraded tubes (Mullard 10M NOS tubes):

Better bass control, coverage and definition
Better sound staging with larger scale music - Capri can collapse a little bit with larger scale music in comparison
Better focus within the sound stage, perhaps it just better air with the Calypso
Better balance across the sprectrum, but this is very close.

Personally, I think I like the high end better with the Capri, but I feel this is Jeff Rowland strength.

I felt both handled most things more similarly than differently. Both are smooth sounding preamps but still deliver very good resolution. Neither are bright by any degree in my system. The biggest difference between the two is the bass performance and the sound stage. The Capri is pretty good with the sound stage, but not to the level of the twice as expensive Calypso or 50% more expensive Calypso (if buying used) - factoring in upgraded tube requirements.

For me, with the integrated HT, the Capri is just so much easier for my family. Accoustically, the Calypso is better, but the Capri is pretty darn close.