SS preamp to give wormth & bloom to Krell KSA amp

I need an advice on which solid state preamp to use with Krell KSA amp and B&W 801/3 speakers.Thank You in advance.
When you find it let me know. If there was a SS pre amp with warmth and bloom 3/4ths of the tube owners would buy it. :-)
Try the Rowland Synergy IIi. It replaced a Lamm L-1 in my system with no loss of warmth, and with the SS virtues as well. As to bloom, try roses.
Such one exists: McCormack ALD1.
As to temperature, the tube unit is certainly wormer:-).
the krell pres are not exactly cold blooded
Krell KBL preamp. This was the matching preamp to the KSA series. It was a top notch preamp
Pass Aleph
Second the Rowland Synergy IIi, or a Classe CP-60 if the JRDG is priced too high. You didn't mention a price range.
I have had a few SS pre amps and tube pre amps over the last 5 years such as Sima P5, Krell KRC-3, Pass Alpha P, Bryston SP1, Sonic Frontiers Line 2 & 3 and by far the best match and compliment to my Krell FPB amp(s) has been the Ayre K1. They compliment each other and the result is excellent. If I were you I would look at an Ayre Pre.
would look at the jeff rowland gear and the latest offering from muse ( signature III...not as warm as the rowland but close).

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I'd recommend a Pass Labs X2.5 or a Pass Labs X-1 preamp.

forgot to add cj solid state..