SS Preamp Suggestions Please

I have the following system:
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 tube amp,
QUAD 22L2 cone based speakers,
Jolida JD-100 Underwood Lvl 1 tube cd player,
Arcam DV-137 used for SACD, HDCD, DVD-A playback,
modded Cambridge 640P phono pre & Thorens TD-290,
Sansui TU-517 tuner.

I currently have a tube pre and am pleased with the sound. However, I'd like to try a used SS pre for < $1000 that is very detailed but yet still musical.
Remote and phono section are not required but would prefer 2 pairs of RCA outs although I do have splitters if required. Tape loop would be nice but not required.

Preamps I'm considering so far:
Musical Fidelity A3RC or A308CR,
Adcom GFP-750
Van Alstine ???

Can you share your opinions, feedback, on the above or any others?
Thanks and have a wonderful New Year
No contest, Van Alstine and be sure to get the remote.
What model or models Van Alstine do you recommend?
The single most eye (ear) opening experience i have ever had with pre amps was when i tried a Placette Passive in leiu of my CJ PV 12. This was the first time i ever heard my individual components direct and un fetted by other gain stages, i realized what an extreme impact low level signals have on the total experience. I since moved into the Pass Labs X-1 and have never looked back. The Pass combined the wonderous sonics of a low level gain stage (or higher, selectable) with the precision volume control of a stepped ladder, optically coupled for signal separation. I always thought that sources and power amps carried more impact in changing the way things sounded, but i now have become one of the believers in low level signal devices. Hope you find something that allows a similar experience, it is truly enlightening! Best wishes.
CJ PF-R. Have had one for years, love it.
I think you should take a look Klyne;Stan Klyne makes some of the best solid state pre amps in high end audio;either a series 6 or 7 is what I would be looking for;if you don't need balanced inputs and outputs then the series 6 would do the job.
Check his website if you need more info or even call Stan as he is a great guy to talk audio with.
I can vouch for the ARC LS-9.
Can't understand why you want a SS pre.
Tubes really pay off in the front end.
A SS amp -now that makes sense...
The PS Audio PCA-2 is one of the best at any price. The only thing I've tried and liked better was the Pass Labs X0 and it could be a little bright on some material. It's also much more money.