SS Preamp suggestion please

Hi all,

Looking for a preamp that would suit me, and limited local auditioning potential.

The room is a dual purpose room, it is my office (so I use it for long listening sessions) and also my digital music studio (ProTools out of a Mac), 14 x 20 feet.

Speakers are ProAc studio 100's, amps - pair of Bryston 2B SST's.

My taste in music varies widely... from smooth R&B (ex. Erikha Badu, Jill Scott) to hard rock (ex. Tool) to funk jazz (ex. later Miles, Marcus Miller, Weather report).

If I could describe my taste in sound, it would be very clean, smooth, but with plenty of slam. I do not like overly analytical sound, nor do I like pillowy mellowness, but listening fatigue does play a factor.

Finally, I broke the budget setting up my studio, and do not need a phono stage, nor remote, and do not have much interest in tubes. Second hand is best for me, and have a budget of about $1000 and would not like to go over unless it was a "world" of difference.

Suggestions? Thanks very much in advance.
There is a Classe DR 5 with no phono stage for $550 listed currently. I sold them at one time and was very happy with them. Preamp design has not advanced much in some time ,at least not in components in the real world price range so going back to good 90s equipment is a practical way of getting high quality reasonably. I also saw a top line Sim Audio from this period for $1200 that looked interesting. I also find Musical Fidelity to be very good. Find something that looks interesting and check it on Sterophile archives , etc. There is good stuff out there at reasonable prices.
The PS Audio PCA-2 is hard to beat at any price as I've said many times.
How about one of the Van Alstine Insight series preamps?
Look for an Ayre K-5x for around $1000-$1400. All of the Ayre products grossly out-perform their price points. You'll love it and there are no tubes to deal with. The other great aspect of it would be that you could upgrade it to a K-5xe in the future, or resell it in a day for no loss.
There are a couple Bryston BP-25s for sale in your price range. I just auditioned the BP-6 and found it to be outstanding, and I don't think the Bryston preamps have changed as much as the amps so if the BP-25 sounds similar to the BP-6 it might be a good choice especially since it will obviously mate well with your amp. Best of luck.
You might look for a deHavilland Ultraverve on Agon. At a retail of $2,500, add $500 for remote this is a world class preamplifier. There is are plenty of reviews to validate that on their website. deHavilland is making (by hand) audio classics, this is piece of gear that you will keep for a very long time. I have had mine for about 5 years and I plan on keeping it, long after I am out of the business.

Don't be mislead by the low price. Good luck.

For solid state Klyne; Stan Klyne's pre amps are regarded as being one of the best in solid state design and are highly sought after.