SS Pre Recommendation

To use with Wavac 805 and Audio Aero Prestige SACD what would be your SS Pre Suggestion.

I am not able to get satisfactory output without a Pre. My problem is boomy bass specifically.

Usually bass problems have little to do with Preamps in general, or it is unlikely that a Preamp would cause boomy bass. Typically boomy bass is the result of speaker and room interaction.

Nevertheless, in response to your question about SS preamps, you could take a look at those from Pass Labs. Even the older L or P were excellent. Although personally I do like the ModWright SWL9.0SE, which although is tubed, sounds very neutral and more like a good SS preamp, than a tubed one.
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That is definitely correct on bass. In terms of preamp, many do well with wavacs. I like particularly the Lyra Connoisseur and surprisingly the Krell Two. Obviously, the even better idea would be to consider the wavac pre.
I have an Ayre K5 and it is wonderful, put it in your short list before you buy.
My speaker is Verity Lohengrin maybe the problem is speaker location as I know it is very sensitive to location.
Why would a solid state preamp necessarily be the answer. While some do have somewhat big and mushy bottom ends, that is not always the case. I find that you lose a bit of what one looks for in tube gear by using a solid state linestage (large, open soundstage, natural sounding attack and decay of notes, etc.).

The "problem" with boomy bass can be generated by or exacerbated by the linestage utilized. This is often a matter of synergy and cannot be determined until the unit is tried in a particular system. I generally find tube units to be more unpredictable, in terms of synergy, but, in any event, a home trial is a NECESSITY, particularly if you are spending big bucks.

I use an Emotive Audio Epifania, a tube unit that is very neutral in sound. The company's Sira model, on the other hand, can, in some systems, sound a bit boomy in the bass. Other top tube models I have heard and liked include Kondo, Audionote (uk) and Shindo linestages.

I have heard and owned a few solid state linestages. I personally like the top-of-the-line Ayre (open on top and not as mechanical sounding as most solid state stuff, a touch lean in the bass, so it might be to your liking) and the Connoisseur (dynamic but not edgy). On the less expensive side, I own, and like the Placette Active (big soundstage, dynamic and exciting). I also own the Levinson No. 32 (incredible ergonomics and controllability, but a touch dark and tame sounding).
I agree with Tvad as I am a Klyne owner and think it should be on your audition list.
I have a Klyne SS pre, SK6* that I'm considering parting with. Feel free to contact me with questions.
Tom Evans Vibe is worth a try. Add the Pulse power supply to improve the bass even more. See reviews in HiFi+ and 6Moons.
I am currently listening to a Belles 28A preamp that is excellent.
It has the tightest fastest bass of any preamp I have tried and owned, and it also has the best soundstage and imaging I have heard, even better than a Modwright 9.0 (tubed) preamp that I also own, although the Modwright is very good the Belles is world class in these areas. I may sell the Belles (which is mint). Comes down to system matching.
I'm in the same situation, trying to find a better pre than exists in the AA Prestige SACD. I've tried the ARC Ref 3, the ASL Flora and the ModWright 9.0SE. The Prestige is in my opinion more open with more depth than any of the above. The Ref 3 was notably the least impressive in that it was truly lifeless after almost 500 hours of break in. The Connoisseur has been highly recommended as a worthy candidate. I do agree with the gentleman that the Prestige has a bit of boom in the bass.
I agree that the preamp may not be the problem as far as boomy bass goes but it can indeed add to the problem. I would suggest you look at Tube Distinctions Soul Mate Preamp. Not just because I have one for sale here on Audiogon but because it is a great match for tube amps. I have used it with Atma-Sphere M60 mono-blocks to great success. The bass is tight and it is very fast and neutral. Check out their web site by Googling Tube Distinctions and then clicking soul series. Good luck in your quest!
Are you the buyer of the stax sra-14s of htless?
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