SS Power Amp upgrade

My current one is a Hafler 9500, nothing wrong with it, just the next victim of my upgrade bug.

Considering the following options:
McIntosh MC7300
Hafler DH500 with upgrades from Musical Concepts
Bryston 4B ST or SST

Each one above hits different / competing parts of my brain.

But at the end of the day, I'm wondering which just sounds better.. warmer, natural, effortless.

So, if you have first ear knowledge of these amps I'd like to hear your comments.

I listen to jazz, latin, rock. My pre is a Mapletree ultra 4A SE (tube, love it) Sources are Oppo 980 stock (for now...), IPOD, and Technics 1200 TT. Mains are B&W DM640s but probably being replaced next (VR4-JRs or TBD).

If you're going to upgrade your speakers I'd do that first because that will in large part dictate what amp you choose.
Bryston, from everything I have read or heard. A Krell dealer told me Bryston is the poor man's Krell. HE admired Bryston.
Also, they seem to be easy to re-sell. Just my two cents.
Regarding speakers, I would say the following are on the short list whenever I upgrade (not for a while..)

B&W nautilus 803

Your two "wish" speakers are quite different and will be best with different amps. I know both well - the 4Jr has powerful, rich bass, a fleshed out midrange, and a subtle yet subdued top end. The 803 has tight fast bass (the 803S is another story), somewhat of an upper bass hump, and then a really quick and agile mid and top end that like to make themselves known. For the former, I would say the Bryston 4B would be better (there aren't many speakers I would recommend for that amp) and for the latter speaker, the 7300 for sure. Actually the 7200 is even better for slightly less money.

Pulled the trigger on an mc7200. Cant wait to find out how it will sound with my dm640s. :)
Bryston all the way. You gotta love a company that has a 20yr transferable warranty on their products. It's made well. I had one for 8 years and sold it because I got bored with Never had an problem with it...G
Got the McIntosh mc7200. A wonderful sounding, solid, and classic piece of equpment I'm sure I'll be keeping for a very long time.