SS Power Amp/Tube Pre--on/off

my solid state power amp(krell kst-100) takes hours to max its sound and more hours to sweeted its elevated highest octive. i would leave on almost all the time, but i can't figure out how to deal with my NOS tubed CJ pv11 pre-amp. other than disconnecting the interconects, how else might one safely leave on the power amp and turn the pre-amp off when not in use for more than 12 hours. it hits me as wrong to burn-out
NOS tubes that are becoming more rare and more expensive over time by leaving the pre-amp on all the time.

ANY THOUGHTS.....i can afford the $50 to $100 to burn out a pair of quality 12au7/ecc82's each year. i just would rather not and one day soon they won't be available or they will be $200 per pair. one of you brilliant engineering audiophile-types may have an answer or is one of those situations where you can't have your cake and eat it!
The amp being on and the preamp off should not burn the tubes (for example I leave my player and transport on 7/24 but turn off my tube amp, with a volume pot, off between listening sessions). Both should be grounded (either on or off) and I can't see the benefit of removing the IC's. I am not a very technical person, so perhaps there is something that I am missing.
Bob you need to do some testing. I also really hate to power off my SS amps. But even unplugging your interconnects is probably unsafe, because while doing so, large transients can occur which may damage tweeters, etc.
You need a DVM (pocket voltmeter, or better yet an oscilloscope) or can you arrange for testing at a dealer's repair shop. Observe the preamp's outputs for transient voltages while powering it on & stabilizing. Again observe for transients while powering down. If you notice any significant voltage spikes during turn on / turn off then obviously you're stuck leaving it on. If only small signal spikes or none are observed then you're safe to turn the pre off & on with the PA left operating. I have a tube Cary pre, SLP98L which has standby mode & also powers on/off cleanly so I can get away with it. I've read here that 'standby mode' doesn't save your tubes, but what else would be it's purpose I don't know?
If the CJ has a mute switch (this Cary has that too) then it may be safe to toggle your power while in mute mode? "Mute" may even ground the pre's outputs; some are designed that way. Hope this helps.
One of the high-end cable manufacturers (Wireworld?) made a switching box (Comparator) for comparing interconnects a few years ago. That would resolve your interconnect issue, but I tend to agree with dekay on the advise that the interconnect shouldn't be an issue. Unless your CJ puts out some vicious noise when you shut it down. Just my 2 cents. Good luck. David