SS or Tube Amp for Sawdust Environment?

I've got a combo painting studio/wood shop in the back and, while the sawdust output doesn't approach that of a typical furniture shop, I'm somewhat concerned about the negative effects such dusts and water based paint sprays lingering in the air might have upon electronics such as amps/computers, etc. Would sort of like to take this opportunity to put together a small sound system for the shop to try out one of the smaller/inexpensive tube or hybrid integrateds. Has anyone been in this situation or have any advice to lend here? Thanks.
Stay with SS. Tube gear has high voltages making it a hazard in dusty/wet environments. The other option is to box it in with filtered, forced air ventilation.
I would want it in a closed cabinet and make sure it does not throw off too much heat. Dust and airborne chemicals will certainly cause issues but the biggest one in my opinion would be the fire HAZARD that fine dust and the amount of it in that environment would risk. I have an old Marantz 2330 b in a closed cabinet in my shop and once a month I take off the metal case and blow it off. Its surprising how much dust still gets inside it. Cheers.
What about a hybrid unit like a Jolida 1305?

tubed pre amp little heat SS amp output
Why don't you run speaker wires from your existing home stereo to the wood shop?
Get yourself a Bosch Airsweep, which is tool-activated, self-cleaning and will help your system and your health if you can integrate it well into your shop workflow.
Won't something like a Bel Canto be OK/work?
Is the shop also really noisy too? I can't see why anything more than a boom box would really matter?
Thanks all. I think I'll stick with solid state after your suggestions...ideally a middle of the line '70s receiver and a plastic cover for those times when generating a lot of dust. The power tools don't get used but about 20% of the time. Nice non-critical-listening space...