SS Monoblock 100+W as cheap

I have a SACD/DVD-Audio setup using the digital level controller on the transport (-120dB to 0dB) connected directly to power amps for my surround and front channels (Electrocompaniet AW-100 and Marantz SM-17) I need an inexpensive mono for my center (KEF Reference 90)
Any suggestions....I was thinking of going in for a temporary Marantz or Audiosource till I can save up more...any suggestions?
the marantz MA 6100 is available on for 260$ and an audiosource 5.1 is about 100 bucks on yahoo shopping....I really want something cheap that I dont mind using as a temporary measure
You might check out the Parasound HCA-1201A. It is a 150w mono amp available from Audio Advisor for $265 + shipping. Good luck and happy listening. Erik
Hey subdoofus if you want a marantz they have the one in the following link at, its 125 wpc into 8 ohms
how about a hafler xl 280 . it does 145 into 8 200 into 4 and 400 mono into 8 560 mono into 4 good little amp. i think if you can find one it will be around 250 to 500. i have one laying around . i like it.
Pick up a pair of used Eagle 400 (400 watts) mono blocks. They have a lot of guts and if you can find for less than $1000 you have a steal. I use to have them about 10yrs ago and sorry I sold them.