SS Intergrated with HT by-pass

My new speakers will probably be Dynaudio, Polk Audio LSi15's or Gallo Nucleus 3 in the next couple months. I'm looking for a beefier SS intergrated as an upgrade over my existing i5080 SimAudio. I'm also looking for an amp with the same feature as my current amp, one with Home Theatre by-pass to allow for a HT receiver to be connected.

Power is of importance. All my speaker choices require higher current designs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Merry X-mas.
I believe both the Sim I-5 and the Classe CAP 151 have the Home theater by-pass.

The Musical Fidelity A5 integrated has a HT bypass.

The Krell 400xi has what you are looking for. 200 wpc into 8 ohms, doubles down into 4 ohms. Plus HT bypass. Clear, detailed and plenty of bass slam. Only knock is its revealing nature. The sound is very recording quality dependent.