SS integrated with a good DAC

Is there a fairly powerful SS integrated out there with a very good DAC? I am driving some Totem Mani-2's 85 db speakers. Trying to stay in the $1250 - $1500 range. Used gear is OK with me. Is the Peachtree Nova enough amp for the Mani-2's?

There's this, from Bel Canto.

I think it retails for 2k, so it should hit your price point used, if it comes up. I seem to remember reading favorable press. John
A couple of Bel Canto units here now, but for a bit more than I'd guessed. No connection to sellers. J
Tact M2150 if you do not use analog sources would be perfect ... there was one here recently. I am a former owner having moved to the very similar Lyngdorf TDAi 2200 with full room correction
The HEED AUDIO OBELISK Si ( with X-2 even better )does it in a very musical and musculair way. Retail for Si in Europe is € 1250 and for the X-2 € 750. The Dactil 1.2 Dac-card is € 299 but it's a great sounding DAC !! It's even possible to upgrade with an extra amp ( The Obelisk PAS retail € 990) for true bi-amping. I have heard it play and the Heed Obelisk is one of the few amps that really makes the Mani's sing. But I don't know if they are sold in the US already.
The Mani-2s are one of the hardest to drive speakers out there. A friend with a McIntosh MA6900 had problems. Seriously.

You're not going to find anything that'll drive them with any control for $1500 IMO.
If you can wait til September, Harman Kardon will be releasing their HK 990 in the USA. This integrated has the high-end AD1955 DAC onboard, plus room correction, and is very well thought of in Europe.